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CONSPIRACY NETWORK TV (CNT) was formed to address atrocities and seek justice for those who are victims of harassment group activities which stem from corrupt elements of the US military intelligence and the US investigative agencies, certain defense contractors, corporations, as well as individuals and teams of private citizens.

Razor of Madness 'Balances Won'
Authored by Wayne Morin Jr. with Thomas Lee Howell
View the You Tube video about Wayne Morin's book "Razor of Madness".
Razor of Madness   Title ID: 4421078   Purchase this book:

Purchase Razor of Madness by Wayne Morin Jr.The new expose' novel Razor of Madness has the very same ring to it as the popular cult movies Clockwork Orange, The Dragon Tattoo or The Other Side of Hell. But this story is not fiction. Wayne Morin Jr. reveals negative aspects of psychiatry in California state mental hospitals in ways never described before in ANY novel.

Similarities to the work of Dr. Louis Jolyon West come to mind. Wayne exposes "widespread and systematic deficiencies" in this controversial 'tell all' of what is and what is not.

Mind control rages on among scholars in the schools of law, human rights and mental health. Psychological manipulation, thought reform and/or mind manipulation are accepted practices which result in different forms of behavior modification.

Close media coverage and public scrutiny show that our state mental hospitals are the biggest destructive murder industries in the United States. This book details an epidemic involving physical and psychological abuses and supplies an in-depth professional personal investigation. This story could provide the first steps in resolving the rash of problems that can prevent destructive serial killers, sexual child abusers being returned to society. Razor of Madness the maestro of mind control continues to haunt America to this day.

Purchase the paperback or a downloadable ebook at

For your own signed, personalized paperback copy from Wayne write to:

Wayne Morin Jr.
1802 Grant St.
Calistoga, Ca 94515

I, Wayne Morin Jr., am a born again Christian and I am a KJV Believer.

Paperback price $13.95 plus shipping and handling.

To see the full video, click on the Software Defined Radio link.

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Conspiracy Network TV Producer Wayne Morin, Jr. receives an award
for the Most Watched Streaming Video Program 2012-2013.

Conspiracy Network TV Producer Wayne Morin, Jr. receives an award for the Most Watched Streaming Video Program 2012-2013.

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